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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Best Petrol for Waja

This is a very interesting topic that I always saw on Internet forum. What's your opinion ? Is petrol brand really matter on the performance and fuel efficiency on your car ? For me, brand does affect the performance and engine sound of my car but I found petrol from different petrol stations affect performance more. Same petrol brand from different petrol stations differs a lot. In terms of brand, I found the follows:

Best performance: Mobil
Best engine smoothness and engine quiteness : ProJet

I have been using Mobil petrol for many years because I feel the car accerelate better with Mobil petrol. One day, when I passed by a Projet station and my fuel tank already drop to red line, I tried the Projet for the first time. I can feel the engine sound differently right after I started my engine. The engine become very quite. Now, I will only pumped in Mobil and ProJet but still visit Mobil station more because very difficult to get ProJet station.

See what's other Waja owners opinion:
Which petrol has the best FC?

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