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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tyres for Proton Waja

Waja stock ASTAR tyres are well-known as a low quality tyre. A lot of wajarian interested to change the ASTAR to better tyres in the hope to reduce the tyre noises. I myself have changed 4 tyres to Michelin XM1 195/60. Michelin claimed that XM1 is a fuel saver tyre. Anyway, that's not what I am interested in. I only interested to get 4 pieces of affordable tyres that can give me lower tyre noise so that I can drive my Waja more comfortably. After changed to XM1, the tyre noise greatly reduces compared to the ASTAR tyre. I felt like driving another car. But 1 downside is the cornering is not as good as ASTAR.

  1. Michelin MXV8 or XM1
  2. New Michelins
  3. Recommended Tyres for Waja

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