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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Waja Crossmember

Cross member is a straigt steel located below the gear box of your car. It can be easily get bend if not experienced foreman jacked your car at the cross member. The cost to change one is around RM 120. Not very expensive but be careful if you want to get it changed. The cross member is attached to 2 engine mountings. I had mine changed together with one of the enginer mounting. But after change, the engine timing was affected. The car vibrate a lot, gear shift very jerky and the car seems does not know how to slow down. So, be sure go to the workshop that have the little hand held computer that can tune your car timing if you want to change the cross member and mounting.

Here are all the information I found regarding Waja Crossmember.

Waja cross member touching GB

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