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Friday, March 2, 2007

Accord 2.4 Versus Volvo S40

Honda is always well-known for its performance sedan car. Volvo was well-known as a safe and steady car but over the past 10 years, Volvo car not only safe and steady but also furiously fast on the road. If anyone who has drive or sit in the Volvo 850 before, will understand this. Today, both Honda and Volvo also well-known for their luxury performance sedan. With both Honda Accord and S40 also having the 2.4 litres engine and 170 bhp, "Accord 2.4 versus Volvo S40" become an interesting topic. Can the Japanease Accord beat the Swedish Volvo ? I never try both, so I cannot comment but I have collected a lot of links that point to this topics:

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