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Friday, March 2, 2007

Honda Accord SM4/CB4 (1991-1993)

Honda Accord SM4/CB4 which was brought into Malaysia from 1991 to 1993 by Kah Bintang. It was the first Honda Accord that I knew that was powered by fuel-injection engine. There were 2 types of engines introduced by then, with fuel-injection and without fuel-injection. I am not sure why Honda want to offer the option without fuel-injection, maybe because fuel-injection was not well accepted yet by then. You can visually differenciate between the fuel-injection model and the caburator model by looking at the exzos. Fuel-injection model come with twin exzos while the caburator model has the single exzos.

With the current used car price, this is definitely an interesting car to consider. You can easily get this car with less than RM 20K. Most of the used cars for this model are manual transmission. 2.0 litres with manual transmission, you can really feel the power.

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