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Monday, March 5, 2007

Proton Saga 1.3 is selling at RM 26,999

Discounted Proton Sagas on offer now
Proton Iswara a steal at Merdeka price of RM26,999
Proton Saga RM26,999 sempena 50 tahun merdeka

Congratulation to all Malaysian. After so long of waiting and dreaming, finally Malaysian can buy a 1300 cc car with less than RM 30,000. Thanks to Badawi. I can really see car prices dropping gradually after Badawi take over the power. Back in year 2000, I pay RM 27,000 to buy a 4 years old Proton Saga Iswara 1.3. Today, we can get a brand new car with this price.

Proton Saga was first launched in 1985. What a 22 years old Proton model. In fact, with RM 35000, I still see a lot of new Proton Saga on the road. With the price drop to RM 26,999, I am very sure a lot of people will be tempted to get one. Malaysian learned how to build car from Mitsubishi, Japan but I think Mitsubishi have to learn how to sell car from Proton. Besides Proton, who else can sell a 22 years old model like hot cake. Selling a 22 years old model will be a big challenge to any car manufacturer in the world. Maybe Proton can put this record into Malaysia Book of Records or Guinness World Record. Proton Bravo!!! Malaysia BOLEH.

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