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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

UK Top Gear reviews on Malaysian Cars

Malaysian cars are proudly sell in UK. Below are the links to the reviews done by Top Gear on Malaysian cars. Top Gear is the UK's best motoring website.

Proton Gen-2
Better than the Wira and good value too, but it falls way short on build quality

Proton Impian (Waja)
All Proton's own work - and it ain't bad, especially the handling by Lotus

Proton Savvy
Another improbably unconvincing motor from this Malaysian company. It may be very cheap, but with quality as bad as this, it's still not cheap enough to warrant buying one

Perodua Kelisa

One of the UK's cheapest cars, the Kelisa is well equipped and economical. But that's all

Perodua Kenari
Mini-MPV with the same engine as the Kelisa and working to the 'you pay for what you get' principle. But you don't pay much at all and actually get less. Eh?

From all the reviews, only Waja got a better review. I don't understand why Proton want to sell Savvy to UK. How do Proton expect UK people to buy a car that even Malaysian don't want to accept ?

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