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Friday, August 17, 2007

Proton unveiled Proton Persona on 15-Aug-2007

Proton released a new model called Persona to replace its 14 year old Proton Wira on 15-Aug-2007. With the price tag start from RM 44,999 (USD 1.00 = RM 3.50), Proton Persona has become the most affordable 1.6L sedan in Malaysia. With this price tag, you can only get 1.3L car from rival manufacturers. Proton is relying on this model to regain the market leader status in Malaysia after loosing to its rival Perodua.

I just went to Proton's showroom to checkout the new Persona. What I can say is, this is the best built-quality Proton car that I have seen. What I means here is thing that you can see and feel when you first touch the car, such as door handle, paint works....etc. About the ride-comfort, NVH, handling, I can't comment yet because I haven't test drive the car.
Because of my previous experience with Waja, now, the first thing I will try is to open the door and then shut it to test how easy it is to open and close the door. Persona door can be opened and closed effortlessly. This is an improvement over Waja and Gen2 which are well-know for the door problem. However, the front doors are easier to close than the rear doors. I tested on both Persona in the showroom.

The paintwork is very smooth and shinny, which is an improvement compared to Waja and Gen2.
Even the Baseline model is not neclected in built quality. I actually didn't realize the car that I
was looking at was a baseline model until the salesman told me. The photo below shows the Baseline model. You can easily recognise it by looking at the door handle and the tyre rim. The door handles are un-painted. Anyway, I felt that the un-painted door handle match the Silver Persona better than the painted door handles. The grey handles and silver body match perfectly.

Don't be fooled by the nicely fitted wheel cap, the baseline model does not come with sport rim.

The boot space is very big. Not only that, the boot lid handle has been designed to let you make full use of the boot space. This is an improvement over Waja boot lid handle which prevent you from fully utilising the boot space. Finally, Proton know what customer want.

I think Persona will be a big challenge to Myvi if Myvi still remain in 1.3L at the RM 40K range. I hope Perodua will put 1.5L engine into Myvi but maintain the price at RM 4oK range, then the battle will be hotter and all Malaysian will benefit. That's only my hope. Let's see how Perodua answer to Pesona.

Below is 0 - 100 km/h performance comparison between Wira 1.5, Wira 1.6, Waja 1.6, Iswara 1.3 and Persona.

Persona 1.6 (M) - 12.0 seconds
Wira 1.5 (M) - 12.1 seconds
Waja Campro 1.6 (M) - 12.0 seconds
Iswara Sedan 1.3 s (M) - 13.1 seconds
Iswara Aeroback 1.3 s (M) 13.1 seconds

Persona 1.6 (A) - 14.3 seconds
Wira 1.5 (A) - 14.6 seconds
Wira 1.6 (A) - 13.0 seconds
Waja Campro (A) - 14.7 seconds

* Note: The above performance information is gathered from Proton/EON's brochure and Website.

Motor Trader reported that Persona 1.6 consumes 10% more petrol than Wira 1.6.

Proton Persona Lines comparison

Pricing Info (Car Price + Insurance = OTR Price) :
Persona 1.6(M) B-Line: RM43,671.50 + RM1,327.50 = RM44,999.00
Persona 1.6(A) B-Line: RM46,593.50 + RM1,405.50 = RM47,999.00
Persona 1.6(M) B-Line: RM44,095.50 + RM1,353.50 = RM45,449.00
Persona 1.6(A) B-Line: RM47,017.50 + RM1,431.50 = RM48,449.00
Persona 1.6(M) M-Line: RM48,342.50 + RM1,457.50 = RM49,800.00
Persona 1.6(A) M-Line: RM51,264.50 + RM1,535.50 = RM52,800.00
Persona 1.6(A) H-Line: RM54,186.50 + RM1,613.50 = RM55,800.00

Updated on 2007-09-09
Wow Wow Wow. Persona has received 14000 bookings in less than 1 month time. This is the record breaking for all Proton model released so far.

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Proton launches Persona sedan (updated video) - theStar (2007-08-15)
PETALING JAYA: Proton has launched its long awaited 1.6-litre Persona sedan at prices rivalling those of 1.3-litre cars.

Earlier, Proton had hinted that the new model might not be called a ‘Gen2 Sedan’, as most people assumed, even though it is using the same platform and styling. Instead a new name – Persona – has been chosen and when you consider how significant the changes made are to turn the Gen2 into a sedan, it seems justified that the model should get its own name.

Proton Persona - first driving impressions - Motor Trader (2007 Aug 15)
There is always an air of excitement when testing any new model and with a Proton, it is often even greater. In part, there is curiosity about how much further down the road Malaysia’s national carmaker of 22 years has come and also whether the new model is better.

Proton Holdings Bhd, which launched its latest Proton Persona sedan Wednesday, plans to export the 1,600cc car to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Australia to reap economies of scale as the domestic market is limited.

Malaysian national carmaker Proton, which launched its latest Proton Persona sedan on Wednesday, plans to export the car to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Britain and Australia to reap economies of scale as the domestic market is limited.

Proton banking on Persona - theStar (2007-Aug-16)
Proton is banking on its latest sedan, the Persona, to restore its position as the No. 1 car company in the country. The four-door 1.6 sedan, costing between RM44,999 and RM55,800 will replace the Wira model.

Proton pinning hope on new model - TheEdgeDaily (2006-Aug-16)
Proton Holdings Bhd is targeting to sell between 30,000 and 40,000 units of its new Proton Persona 1.6 litre sedan model in the next 12 months, said its chairman Datuk Mohammed Azlan Hashim.

National carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd (Proton) received over 500 bookings for its latest model, Persona, yesterday, the first day after its official launch.The bookings have increased to 2,700 units from the pre-launch number of 2,200 units, said its managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamad Tahir.

Unveiled: Proton Persona - Edmunds Inside Line (2007-Aug-17)
State-controlled automaker Proton refers to the new Persona sedan as its "pride and joy." Prices start at $12,800 for this Cobalt-look-alike.

King launches Proton Persona - Global Auto Index (2007-Aug-17)
This latest addition to the PROTON family is the fifth model fully built by PROTON after the introduction of the Waja in 2000, the Gen.2 in 2004, the Savvy in 2005 and the Satria Neo in 2006.

Very Important Persona - theStar (2007-Aug-19)
After serving up a series of quirky vehicles that may, or may not, appeal to small niches, Proton finally delivers what Malaysians like – a stylish, up-to-date sedan.

Proton’s New Persona - Australian Car Advise (2007-Aug-23)
The Persona will be available in Australia from March 2008 and in keeping with Proton’s cheap and cheerful image will be the most competitively-priced model in the 1,600cc category of the Malaysian market, with prices starting from the equivalent of approximately $AUD 15,990.

Proton gets 8,000 bookings for Persona - theEdgeDaily (2007-Aug-24)
Proton Holdings Bhd has received more than 8,000 bookings for its Persona model since it started marketing the car, a better-than-expected response that has given the national carmaker a much-needed boost.

A risky and delicate balancing act - theStar (2007-Aug-26)
Perodua’s position is being threatened by Proton with its Persona model. The original national car company has introduced a solid, value-for-money sedan. If it does indeed prove that it has its house in order, it will wrench back market share, substantially.

Persona set for a comeback - Auto Express (2007-Aug-27)
The styling is inspired by the firm’s recently revised Gen2, while the sus­pension has been tuned by Lotus and the engine range upgraded.

Proton pins hopes on new model - Reuters UK (2007-Sept-06)
Malaysian loss-making car-maker Proton expects to reverse a long and painful slide in its domestic market share with the launch of a new model from January.

Malaysia's national car maker Proton Holdings Bhd expects its profitability in the next three quarters to improve, supported by better sales of its newly-launched Persona model and the introduction of another new model in January, its managing director Syed Zainal Abidin said Thursday.

Since its launch on Aug 15, there have been 14,000 bookings for the four-door saloon. This exceeds bookings for any other Proton model within a one-month period.

Malaysian automaker Proton's latest car Persona has become its fastest-selling model from the last two decades, boosting the troubled company, a report said Sunday. Since its launch in the middle of last month, some 14,000 bookings have been placed for the four-door saloon, the New Sunday Times newspaper said.

Malaysia's Proton to enter Thai market - AFP (2007-09-24)
Struggling Malaysian automaker Proton is to enter the Thai market, appointing an authorised dealer and debuting at this year's Thailand Motor Show, the state Bernama news agency said Friday. Thawatchai said Proton models, including the latest Persona, which is the fastest-selling vehicle in its two-decade history, are expected to be launched at the motor show in early December.

Proton Holdings Bhd's newly launched Persona car made its debut in Singapore today, making the republic the first export destination for the model, said the national car maker in a statement here, today.Singapore is one of Proton's traditional export markets, in which an average of over 1,000 Proton cars have been sold annually in the last three years.

Malaysia's Proton says back in profit- AFP (2007-11-30)
Malaysian national carmaker Proton said Friday that it had returned to profit in the second quarter due to higher margins from the sale of its latest Persona model.

Proton posts first profit in six quarters - TheEdgeDaily (2007-11-30)
Proton Holdings Bhd has turned the corner, posting a net profit - albeit a small amount - of RM3.51 million in its second quarter ended Sept 30, 2007, versus a loss of RM250.34 million a year earlier, but cautions it is still yet to be out of the woods.

Proton makes RM4.9mil turnaround - Daily Express (2007-12-01)
National carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd returned to the black after registering a pre-tax profit of RM4.951 million in the second quarter ended Sept 30 from a loss of RM240.479m a year ago, thanks to better vehicle sales and cost management.

Proton chalks up quarterly profit - The Star Online (2007-12-01)
Proton Holdings Bhd reported its first profit in six quarters, as the newly launched Persona sedan lifted sales in the three months ended Sept 30.

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  1. lucky to have persona, even booking before launching.
    the performance is great.
    but, the newest model with IAFM / CPS should be more excitement.

  2. Hi persona,
    Congratulation on your new car. Happy to hear a good comment for Proton Persona. This is the most value for money 1.6 liter car in Malaysia. Hope Proton will put in the IAFM / CPS sooner.

  3. The Proton Persona was awarded "MODEL OF THE YEAR 2007" by Frost & Sullivan..

    Congratulation to Proton


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