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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Malaysia Car is one of the most expensive in the world

Due to the tax structure to protect Proton, cars in Malaysia are very expensive compared other parts in the world. We can't do anything but just to hope Malaysian govenment will reduce tax on imported car. Majority of Malaysian drivers can only see and dream on foreign car but driving a Proton or Perodua. OK. Nothing new, this is already a known fact by Malaysian long time ago. I just came across an interesting article in The New York Times.

Cool Cars and Hot Laps in Malaysia - The New York Times (2007-11-11)
Malaysians, however, don’t have an easy time indulging their automotive desires, and are more often spectators than participants. The biggest hurdle is the country’s per person purchasing power parity, which was $12,900 in 2006 compared with $44,000 in the United States. Basic transportation like the Proton Persona sedan costs about $14,000, about the same as a Mazda 3 in the United States, but takes a higher percentage of the average income. Step up to, say, a BMW 325i and the base price is more than $87,650 in Malaysia versus the equivalent model, the 328i, at $33,175 in the United States.


  1. It is common fact that Malaysia car price is ridiculously expensive in comparison to many other foreign countries. In Malaysia you may see common situation whereby ppls are taking loan for purchasing a car which is almost doubled the price due to tax and ppls didn't realise that in fact they are taking bank loan to install majority of the tax to the government.

  2. Poor Malaysian not only paying tax to government even before receiving their salary through the PCB scheme, but taking bank loan to pay tax to government. What's make Malaysian more pitiful is they don't even realize they are taking loan to pay tax. Poor and Pitiful Malaysian.

  3. KANCIL DRIVER below 30kJanuary 8, 2011 at 6:38 AM

    naza forte...price rm89k mishibusi lancer 124k.. lets think naza using mishibusi engine body. korea imported japan imported see the differance PRICE WHY?? exise DUTY HIGH naza car have higher spec than lancer. DO YOU KWOW MAL. CAR HAVE DOUBLE TAX...1..EXISE DUTY..2 SALE TAX ..3 METALLIC COLOUR PAY EXTRA...4..HANDLEING FEE RM200..4..PUSTACOM CHECKING FEE...

  4. secondhand sellmanJanuary 8, 2011 at 6:48 AM

    check...where your car made...voltswagon polo..south alio 1000cc india...naza forte fieta 2000cc phippine... chery china.

  5. It's a fact that Malaysians pay the highest price for a new car relative to their salary.IN the UK or the US you pay about a quarter of your total salary in a year.For eg , if you're earning about US 50,000 dollars , you could buy a new car for under Us 18000 dollars and it's no small car either- it's could be a Toyota altis or Honda accord.But the equation isn't the same for malaysia. A Toyta Altis cost 110,000. Ringgit which is roughly about the cost three low cost apartments or 200 percent of your anuual income.I feel sorry for Malaysian car buyers.


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