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Friday, January 18, 2008

Proton Saga 2008 launched in Malaysia

Metallic Black (B-Line)

Zircon Green (M-Line - Fog Lamp)

The long awaited Proton Saga replacement model finally launched in Malaysia on 18th Jan 2008. This car will be the replacement model for the first generation Proton Saga which was launched 23 years ago. The new Proton Saga is powered by 1.3 liter DOHC Campro engine fitted with Integrated Air Fuel Module (IAFM), which can produce 94 bhp at max. The Campro engine can bring the Proton Saga manual to 160 km/h at top speed while the Auto transmission can only go up to 155 km/h. Proton Saga manual can reach 100 km/h from standstill in 13.0 seconds while the auto transmission can do it in 14.5 km/h. 2nd generation Proton Saga in the first model fitted with IAFM.

On the road price ranging from RM 31,500 to RM 39,998.
RM 31,500 - Proton Saga 1.3 M (N-Line) (Solid)
RM 34,548 - Proton Saga 1.3 M (B-Line) (Solid)
RM 34,998 - Proton Saga 1.3 M (B-Line) (Metallic)
RM 37,048 - Proton Saga 1.3 M (M-Line) (Solid)
RM 37,498 - Proton Saga 1.3 M (M-Line) (Metallic)

RM 37,548 - Proton Saga 1.3 A (B-Line) (Solid)
RM 37,998 - Proton Saga 1.3 A (B-Line) (Metallic)
RM 39,548 - Proton Saga 1.3 A (M-Line (Solid)
RM 39,998 - Proton Saga 1.3 A (M-Line (Metallic)
* Note: Prices are OTR with insurance

The new Proton Saga comes with 3 years/100,000 km warranty. The make the maintenance of the car even more affordable, the Saga has 10,000 km service interval instead of 5,000 km.

The new Proton Saga is available in 7 colours:
1) Mountain Blue
2) Metallic Black
3) Zircon Green
4) Solid White
5) Granite Grey
6) Chilli Red
7) Genetic Silver

(B-Line - Wheel cap)

The RM 2000 difference between the M-Line and B-Line has the following to offer:
1) 1 Driver airbag
2) Electric door mirrors
3) Seat height adjuster for driver
4) Reverse sensors
5) Fog lamps
6) Body coloured door mirrors
7) Body coloured door handles
8) Sport Rims

(M-Line - Sport Rim)

The sales figure will tell the story. To date, Proton had received 6000 bookings for the all new Proton Saga. With the overwhelming response on the Proton Persona and the new Proton Saga, Proton Holdings has set a new target to sell 50,000 to 60,000 units a year.

Read More:
Proton aims to repeat success story with new Saga - theStar Online (2008-01-19)
When the first generation Proton Saga was launched 23 years ago, the nation stared in awe at the car. Just like the very first car that rolled out from the Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Bhd factory in 1985, the new Saga, which was launched yesterday, created the same effect.

6,000 bookings received for newly-launched Proton Saga - theStar Online (2008-01-20)Proton Edar Mutiara Damansara branch operations manager Zalizan Zainan said to-date, Proton had received 6,000 bookings for the car, adding that the branch received 47 orders since the launch.

New Car Models Boost Proton's Competitiveness, Says PM - Bernama (2008-01-18)
The car, which retains the name of Proton Saga, is available for under RM40,000 and promises to deliver smoother cruising, better drivability and performance and greater fuel efficiency.

New Saga to enter Asean market by June - nstOnline (2008-01-18)“This car, we believe, has high export potential for growing market segments like Asean, China, India and the Middle East. In terms of packaging, it has a global reach potential if you do it right,” Syed Zainal said at a media briefing here recently.

Saga begins anew; targets to sell 60,000 units - The Edge Daily (2008-01-21)
Proton Holdings Bhd targets to sell 50,000 to 60,000 units of the new Proton Saga sedan model in the country, its chairman Datuk Mohammed Azlan Hashim said.

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