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Friday, February 15, 2008

Proton Waja CPS

Besides the Integrated Air Fuel Module (IAFM), which was fitted on the 2008 Proton Saga to improve torque power of the Campro engine, Proton has 2 more great technologies, Cam Profile Switching (CPS) and Variable Intake Manifold (VIM) to increase the power of the Campro engine. These 2 technologies have been fitted to the newly launched Proton Waja CPS Premium. The Campro CPS engine can produce 125hp compared to the 110hp in the original Campro engine. Yes, 125hp on 1.6L engine. This is a huge improvement. Not many 1.6L engines can produce 125 hp.

hp comparison
101hp - Inokom Matrix 1.6
101hp - Volkswagen Golf 1.6
102hp - Proton Waja 1.6 (Mitsubishi 4g18)
102hp - Suzuki Swift 1.5
108hp - Naza/Kia Spectra 1.6
109hp - Toyota Yaris 1.5
109hp - Toyota Vios 1.5
109hp - Toyota Avanza 1.5
110hp - Honda Jazz 1.5
110hp - Honda City 1.5
110hp - Citroen C2 VTR Sensodrive 1.6
110hp - Citroen C4 1.6
110hp - Peugeot 307 XS 1.6
110hp - Proton Waja Campro 1.6
115hp - Chery A160
116hp - Mercedes-Benz A170
125hp - Proton Waja Campro CPS 1.6
163hp - Mini Cooper S Checkmate 1.6

The Proton Waja CPS Premium also comes with the following enhancement:
1) Electric folded door mirror
2) Gated auto gear shifter (Auto transmission only)
3) Keyless truck remote
4) ABS
5) Leather seat
6) Xenon light
7) Dual tailpipes

The Proton Waja CPS Premium is priced competitively from RM 61,888 to RM 64,888.
1) RM 61,888 (Manual transmission)
2) RM 64,888 (Auto transmission)

Car price comparison with other makes and models
RM 59,852 - Inokom Getz 1.4 (A)
RM 61,888 - Proton Waja CPS 1.6 Premium (M)
RM 64,888 - Proton Waja CPS 1.6 Premium (A)
RM 65,500 - Naza/Kia Spectra 1.6 (A)
RM 66,888 - Chery A160
RM 67,160 - Inokom Matrix 1.6
RM 68,888 - Naza Bestari 206 1.4
RM 69,888 - Suzuki Swift 1.5
RM 71,996 - Toyota Avanza 1.5

The Campro CPS will improve the driving experience of the Proton Waja because it can give better performance at lower rpm ranges. One of the big hindrance of the original Campro engine is the lacking of power at the lower range rpm. In Malaysia, the Campro CPS engine is only available in the Waja Premium. I hope Proton will install the Campro CPS engine in all other models soon. The Campro CPS engine already available in the facelifted Proton Gen 2, which was launched in Bangkok At the Thailand International Motor Expo 2007.

Below are the Torque and Power curves gathered from Proton website.

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