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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Proton Gen2 CPS is finally launched in Malaysia

The facelifted Proton Gen2 is finally launched in Malaysia. The Gen2 CPS was first launched in Thailand last year. The new facelift Gen2 high line variant is fitted with Cam Profile Switching (CPS) while the medium line is fitted with IAFM.

RM 53,488 - Proton Gen2 IAFM 1.6 (M) Medium Line
RM 56,488 - Proton Gen2 IAFM 1.6 (A) Medium Line
RM 57,488 - Proton Gen2 CPS 1.6 (M) High Line
RM 60,488 - Proton Gen2 CPS 1.6 (A) High Line

The new Gen2 has improved in styling, safety and performance. It has been marketed as sportier and performance-driven model. Proton is expected to sell 1500 units of Proton Gen2 a month.

The performance of the CPS variant is better than the IAFM variant. 0-100 km/h acceleration and top speed of the Proton Gen2 are as follows:
10.6s, 190 km/h - Gen2 CPS 1.6 (M)
11.2s, 190 km/h - Gen2 IAFM 1.6 (M)
13.2s, 185 km/h - Gen2 CPS 1.6 (A)
13.5s, 185 km/h - Gen2 IAFM 1.6 (A)

Proton Gen2 News:
The Edge Daily (2008-03-04) - Proton in talks to develop 1.8- and 2.0-litre cars
Syed Zainal unveiled the Gen.2 hatchback that is fitted with a Cam Profile Switching (CPS) engine and described it as a sportier and performance-driven model.

The Star Online (2008-04-13) - 2nd generation Gen-2
This is the car that Proton should have launched five years ago. Proton is back on the right track but does have to speed things up a little.

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