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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Proton recalls 34000 Savvy due to rear wheel bearing

Proton Savvy owners please take note, Proton is recalling all 34000 Proton Savvy to address the rear wheel bearing problem. Proton found out that there is a possibility of water enter into the rear wheel-bearing, which may cause malfunction to the units. Proton will do the necessary checking and replacement at no cost. This recall is purely on precaution measure as Proton is giving high priority to customer safety.

News update on Proton Savvy recall:
Proton recalls 34,000 Savvy cars - The Star Online (2008-03-31)
Proton is recalling its Savvy cars over a possible problem with regards to the car’s rear-wheel bearing.

Malaysia's Proton recalls cars over wheel bearing fears - Channel NewsAsia, Sg (2008-03-31)
Malaysian national car manufacturer Proton said on Monday it was recalling its new "Savvy" models amid fears that water could enter and damage its rear-wheel bearing.

Malaysia's Proton recalls Savvy cars - Press TV, Iran (2008-03-31)
Malaysia's national automaker, Proton, has announced that it is recalling 34,000 Savvy supermini cars due to malfunction concerns.

Faulty wheel bearing leads to Savvy recall - nstonline (2008-04-01)
Proton Holdings Bhd is recalling 34,000 Savvy cars due to a faulty rear wheel-bearing component.

Proton to recall Savvy cars - The Star Online (2008-04-01)
Proton is recalling 34,000 Proton Savvy cars following a possible wheel bearing problem.

Proton recalls all 34,000 Savvy cars - The Edge Daily (2008-04-02)
Just as the things are looking much better for Proton Holdings Bhd, the national carmaker may be facing another crisis in consumer confidence following its move to recall all 34,000 Savvy cars to address a possible problem.

Savvy recall won’t hurt Proton, says brokerage - The Star Online (2008-04-02)
he recall of 34,000 Savvy units by Proton Holdings Bhd will have minimal impact on the company's financial year ending March 31, 2009 (FY09) bottom line as the component to be replaced will cost only RM150 to RM200 each.

Savvy recall helps rebuild credibility - The Star Online (2008-04-03)
ADMITTING to a mistake is a sign of responsibility and maturity. And when a company says one of its products is faulty, it should be commended for saying so instead of being vilified.

Fixing the problem - nstOnline (2008-04-04)
QUEUES at service centres stretch into next week and beyond, but few Proton Savvy owners have reacted to Monday's recall with screams of rage.

Drive-in bays for Savvy inspection - nstonline (2008-04-07)
National carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd said it aimed to inspect all 34,000 of its new Proton Savvy cars by the end of this month.

Vendors: Savvy recall boosts customers’ confidence - The Star Online (2008-04-07)
The recall of the Savvy model by Proton Holdings Bhd will boost customers' confidence in the brand, Proton Vendors Association (PVA) president Dr Wan Mohamed Wan Embong said.

Blogs update on Proton Savvy recall
Good Job From Proton and Well done - Shek News (2008-04-06)
All this thing will happen to proton because they just like produce cheap cars without quality... As a national car maker and also the pride of our nation is a SHAME that we produce car without quality.

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  1. Special edition of Proton Savvy was launched in Thailand. The Savvy comes with solid white paint and aerodynamic body kit. It is fitted with 6-spoke alloy wheels with 175/50 R15 tyres.
    The Nation Auto


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