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Friday, May 9, 2008

Perodua Nautica

Perodua Kembara is the first and the only one national SUV introduced in Malaysia by Perodua since 1998. On 9th May 2008, Perodua officially unveiled the all new replacement model for the aging Perodua Kembara, called Perodua Nautica. It is a larger car compared to Perodua Kembara. But this time, the Perodua Nautica cannot be categorised as national SUV anymore because it is a CBU from Japan. Yes!!! I didn't type it wrongly and you didn't read it wrongly. It is a CBU from Japan. This is the first time our 2nd national car manufacturer, Perodua bring in CBU car from Japan. Of course, the Perodua Nautica is also priced at the Japanease car price range as well. It is priced at RM 89,900 compared to around RM 48,000 for the previous Perodua Kembara. Almost twice the price of the Perodua Kembara.

1.5L DVVT DOHC engine

Perodua Nautica only available in 1.5L engine with 4-speed automatic transmission. The familiar 1.5L DVVT (Dynamic Variable Valve Timing) DOHC engine can produce up to 107 bhp at 6000rpm. Perodua Nautica is a full 4WD SUV. The Nautica's 4WD comes with Central Differencial Lock (CDL), which can be activated by simply pushing a button at the dashboard. When the CDL is on, the front wheels and rear wheels will rotate at the same rate for better road grip. The CDL will also helps in difficult situation such as pulling out of mud. When unlocked, the front wheels can rotate at different rate with the rear wheels. For normal driving condition, you can just off the CDL to avoid excessive wear on the tyres.

Perodua Nautica is fitted with 16 inches, 5-spokes sport rims with 215/65R6 tyres. Only 2 colours are available to potential buyers - Majestic Black and Medallion Grey.

Majestic Black

Medallion Grey

Big headlamp

Perodua models always comes with big and beautiful headlamps. Perodua Nautica is also no exception. The big headlamps not only add luxurious image to the car, but give drivers better vision at night. You will appreciate the big headlamps if you drive any Perodua car at night.

Clear and stylish rear lamp

Interior wise, it's totally different from the previous Kembara. One of the obvious difference is the larger cabin space.

The Perodua Nautica is fitted with a high quality leather steering wheel.

Leather steering wheel

Triple meter

Perodua Nautica's instrument panel is fitted with triple meters. On the left is the RPM meter, speedometer in the center while fuel gauge on the right. One thing missing from the panel is the temperature gauge. The LCD panel incorporated in the speedometer panel can shows time, trip distance, total mileage, average fuel consumption, maximum travelling distance with fuel remaining and outside temperature.

LCD Panel

Center cluster

In terms of safety, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist comes as standard for all Perodua Nautica. The Perodua Nautica also comes with dual-airbags.

All recently launched Perodua's models have the wide angle door opening capability to let you get in and out easily. Perodua Nautica's rear doors can open up to 77 degrees.

Wide-angle rear door opening

Alarm control unit and key

This is the most expensive Perodua model ever since Perodua Kancil launched 15 years ago. Perodua was all the while targeting the market segment slightly lower than Proton but this time Perodua offers a model that priced much higher than Proton Models. I think this is the time to test whether Malaysian can accept a car badged with Perodua logo at nearly RM 90,000. Perodua targets to sell 200 units of Perodua Nautica a month which is equivalent to 2400 units a year. With the premium price tag of RM 89,900, can Perodua hit the target this time ? What do you think about Perodua Nautica ? Do you think Perodua Nautica can sell at this price tag ?


  1. I like this SUV. But I think terlalu mahal for a Perodua car.

  2. The price is not much difference with Toyota Rush. I prefer Rush because it is a 7-seater.

  3. i've been waited for this kembara replacement model anxiously. this morning, when i saw an ads on newspaper.... i was so exited...the new perodua suv is here..... i thought i can trade i punya kancil for this nautica. but after i found out the price... i become so sad. it's too expensive. i cannot afford. i punya budget 60K only.... :(

    i think i will stick to my original plan to get a persona aje lar

  4. hi chris,

    Nautica is cbu from japan while Rush is cbu from Indonesia. Japanease quality vs Indonesian quality.

    Somemore, Japanease CBU cheaper than Indonesia CBU. If you don't need to carry more than 5 ppl, Nautica is more worthwhile.

  5. this is the cheapest japs SUV in bolehland.

  6. somemore, nautica is 4WD while Rush is 2WD. Nautica win

  7. Agree with peterng. It's the cheapest Japs SUV but I dun think Perodua brand can command the premium price as Toyota brand. If they brand it as Toyota Rush Sport or Daihatsu, maybe can sell like hot cake at 89K.

  8. this is the time for Perodua to test their brand. i won't buy a Perodua for RM 89900

  9. Nautica not many ppl support. went to the showroom just now. Only a few people at the showroom looking at the Nautica.

  10. i hardly see toyota rush on the road. not to say a nautica.

  11. i ada nampak toyota rush otr. macam rav4. cantik. i suka tapi...

  12. toyota rush is bigger than perodua nautica

  13. the new petrol price will be a big hit to SUV.

  14. I sudah book Viva instead of Nautica. Luckily I belum book Nautica, if not, RM 2.70 will kill me.

  15. congrat siti. Viva consumption is really low. It's a smart choice at this period.

  16. is the fuel consumption for nautica high ?

  17. hi hawwa,

    fuel consumption for SUV is definitely higher than sedan car.


  19. I would like to get one...but price is tooo high...although its packed with other goodies, I am hesitating to buy simply becasue of the price...if they lower say to even 70K ill buy it in an instant.

  20. nautica interior design not as aesthetic as Rush.


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