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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Honda Jazz Malaysia 2008

Honda Malaysia has launched the 2nd generation Honda Jazz 1.5 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 20th August 2008. The tagline for this all new Honda Jazz is "Defy Convention". Honda Jazz is known as Honda Fit in Japan.

It is a common fact that a compact car is easier to drive in city compared to big car but the little car not able to carry more things when needed. Car buyers need to make decision whether to get an easy to drive compact car or get a bigger car so that you allow you to carry more thing when going out for picnic or while you do last minutes shopping for the coming hari raya.

Another common difficulty in choosing a car is fuel economy more important or powerful car is more important. Responsive and powerful car will consume more petrol

Honda Jazz has been designed as a car with the following criterias:
1) Compact to zip in and out of traffic and yet spacious enough to carry people and goods.
2) Powerful engine but fuel efficient.

Honda Jazz is fitted with 1.5 litre i-VTEC SOHC engine which can produce up to 120bhp at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 145Nm at 4800 rpm. 120 bhp on a car at this size will give you a lot of play. Honda Jazz is mated with 5-Speed automatic gearbox and Electric Power Steering comes as standard in all variants of Honda Jazz to help in improving fuel-efficiency.

The load capacity of this little Honda Jazz is not small due to its innovative three-mode folding Untra Seat. You can flexibly arrange the seats to suite your loading needs.

The 2nd generation Honda Jazz is slightly bigger than the its predecessor. Exterior wise is not much change from the previous model except the new Jazz is curvier.

In terms of safety, the all new Honda Jazz comes with dual SRS airbags at front, front seatbealts with pretensioners and load limiter and ABS with EBD and Brake Assist.

The all new Honda Jazz is CBU fron Thailand and available in two variants - Grade S and Grade V. The S denotes standard version while the V version comes with additional accessories which give you sportier front and rear bumpers, and different front grille and exhaust and 16-inch alloy rims compared to 15-inch rims in Grade S. Interior wise, the V version comes with paddle shifter and audio control on steering wheel, cruise control and full black interior compared to black-blue in Grade S. Honda Jazz S comes with 175/65 tyres while the Jazz V comes with 185/55 tyres.

The Jazz is available in 4 colours - Taffeta White, Crystal Black Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic and Cerulean Blue metallic.

Taffeta White
Crystal Black Pearl

Alabaster Silver Metallic

Cerulean Blue metallic

On-The-Road Price with insurance for Honda Jazz start from RM 62,800. Yes, it's true, RM 62,800 for a Honda Jazz but for Langkawi buyers only. Well, in Penisular Malaysia, the price start from RM 104,800 while in East Malaysia, the price start from RM 106,800. Owning a Honda Jazz has become more difficult with the starting price increase to RM 104,800 from RM 94,780 for the previous I-DSI model. The previous VTEC model was selling at RM 103,780. Honda has lift up the entry level to Honda Jazz by doing away the I-DSI model. For VTEC model buyers, the all new Honda Jazz is a good news because with only difference of RM 1020, you will get the i-VTEC, 5-Speed auto transmission and many other improvements compared to the 1st generation of Honda Jazz.

Honda Jazz 1.5 (Grade S) - OTR without Insurance
RM 60,978.50 - Langkawi
RM 101,938.50 - Penisular Malaysia
RM 104,506.70 - East Malaysia

Honda Jazz 1.5 (Grade S) - OTR with Insurance
RM 62,800 - Langkawi
RM 104,800 - Penisular Malaysia
RM 106,800 - East Malaysia

Honda Jazz 1.5 (Grade V) - OTR without Insurance
RM 65,874.5 - Langkawi
RM 106,808.50 - Penisular Malaysia
RM 108,425.50 - East Malaysia

Honda Jazz 1.5 (Grade V) - OTR with Insurance
RM 67,800 - Langkawi
RM 109,800 - Penisular Malaysia
RM 110,800 - East Malaysia

If you still not satisfied with the accesories in the V version, you can further enhance the Honda Jazz with additional Modulo accessories at RM 3000. The additional RM 3000 will give you:
1) Tailgate spoiler
2) Fog lights
3) Illuminated side step garnish
4) Alloy pedals
5) Interorior foot light
6) Waterproof boot tray

More interor photos:

Glovebox. The glovebox is open up instead of open down.

Driver arm rest

Front console

Honda Fit is one of the most popular car in Japan since its launch in year 2001 but not able to achieve the same result in Malaysia. First generation of Honda Fit was awarded in Japan as 'Car of the Year in 2001/2002 while the 2nd generation of Honda Fit won the title Japan 'Car of the Year in 2007/2008'. In Malaysia, Honda Malaysia is only able to target 200 units of Honda Jazz per month.


  1. 104K for 1.5 liter hatchback, I think Honda is asking for too much.

  2. It is..definitely. The full specs version selling in US price starts from US$14k. and US$18 which comes with full specs even a GPS unit. RM100k for Malaysian?? Thats too much to pay..

  3. is the tax ppl, blame the goverment

  4. No wonder we don't have much choice accept to buy national car..

  5. Government "YAK SI"

  6. I own the latest JAZZ model 2011. Jazz really gave me a great driving. For the tax I agreed previous comment.

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