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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Detroit Electric in preliminary talks with Proton on possible partnership

Detroit Electric from Netherlands has begun talks with Proton to produce electric cars for Southeast Asian market. The talk begun last month and Detroit Electric hoped it can be concluded by year end. Electric cars can reduce carbon emission and save on fuel.

Detroit Electric is keen to establish R&D unit and manufacturing plant in Malaysia to produce batteries for electric cars. Detroit Electric planned to rolled out 30,000 units of electric cars by 2010. Detroit Electric has converted production Proton Savvy, Proton Persona and Lotus Elise to electric car. Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi has test drove the Proton Persona electric car during the National Day parade at Dataran Merdeka.

The lithium batteries used in electric car can be used for about 300 km per charge. The lifespan for the battry is about 300,000 km. The electric sport car can reach top speed of 220 km/h while a sedan can reach 190 km/h. Not only the speed of electric car can match the petrol-powered car, the price for electric can is also very affordable. Electric powered Proton Persona would cost around RM 80,000.

Proton is currently evaluating the technology.

Detroit Electric eyes comeback with Malaysia's Proton as partner - AFP (2008-09-03)
The Netherlands-based firm Detroit Electric said Tuesday it has begun talks with Malaysia's state-owned carmaker Proton to produce electric cars for the Southeast Asian market.

Electric feeling on our streets - theStar Online (2008-09-03)
If Detroit Electric chairman and chief executive officer Albert Lam has his way, electric cars will be a common sight on the roads.

Detroit electric in talks with Proton to roll out electric vehicles by end 2009 - MCOT Englist News (2008-09-02)
Electric car company, Detroit Electric, is in talks with Proton Holdings Bhd to manufacture electric vehicles as part of the latter's plans to roll out affordable electric vehicles by end of 2009.

Reaching out in the spirit of Merdeka - theStar Online (2008-09-01)
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi arrived driving a white Proton Persona electric car.

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