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Monday, November 24, 2008

Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 in Malaysia

Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 is powered by a 2.5-liter DI-D Common Rail DOHC 16-valve Intercooler Turbo Diesel engine. This engine can output up to 136PS of power at 3500 rpm and 314 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. Mated with the Triton 2.5 is a 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual transmission.  Top speed of Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 is 167 km/h.

The Triton can be switched from 2WD to 4WD easily by just turning the switch from 2WD to 4WD and vice versa. There are 3 driving mode available:
1) 2H (2WD High Range)
2) 4 H (4WD High Range)
3) 4L (4WD Low Range)
The 2H driving mode is suitable when driving the pick-up truck under normal condition to save on fuel. While using 2H mode, only the rear wheels are powered up. The 4H mode is used under hazardous conditions to give better traction while the 4L  mode is used only under severe road condition for maximum traction such as going through mud and sand. Switching of mode can be done easily while the vehicle is still moving at the speed below 100 km/h.

In terms of safety, the Triton 2.5 is equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution). The brakes that help to stop the Triton fast are the 16-inch front ventilated disc brakes and 11.6-inch rear drum brakes. Fitted on the wheels are 245/70R16 112S tyres.

To ensure the cabin safety, Mitsubishi Triton comes with dual SRS airbags and extra strong body construction. Alarm system in the Triton will also alert the driver if any of the door is not properly shut while the vehicle is moving.  

The dimension and weight of the Triton are as follows:
Length : 5075 mm
Width : 1800 mm
Height : 1780 mm
Wheelbase : 3000 mm
Weight : 2850 kg

To make driving the big truck easier, the Triton has the minimum turning radius of 5.9 meter. The Triton is also fitted with the speed sensitive front wiper for driver's convenience. 

Mitsubishi Triton is priced competitively from RM 84,259.

On-The-Road price without insurance
1) RM 84,259 - Mitsubishi TRITON 2.5 manual transmission
2) RM 89,129 - Mitsubishi TRITON 2.5  automatic transmission

On-the-Road price with insurance
1) RM 86,705 - Mitsubishi TRITON 2.5 manual transmission
2) RM 91,705  - Mitsubishi TRITON 2.5 manual transmission

Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 has been awarded Pick-up truck of the year in AUTOCAR AWARDS 2007.


  1. for me thats a over rated 4x4 look its got low ground clearance bad fuel 9.1 try 8.4 with a dmax extra urban 7.2 urban 10.5 great ground clearance 225mm and good price 43k ls-u cant go wrong btw thats top model while triton offers electronics that brake fast and dmax is all performance btw i know their is so many problems with triton because my father inlaw has 1 (GLX-R) take it a bit off road and it shit its self n scoreboard is up to 6th repair by warranty lol and who rated 5star comfort try sit at the back and go over a speed bump 1.5star from me people who have a triton sell it before ya warranty ends and then you go offroad lets say its a womans city 4x4

    1. wow.. you actually managed to get all of that in one breath. honestly, i really pity your father in law. he must have done a terrible sin in his past life to have ended up getting a god-like son in law like you in this life. pity him.. and his daughter..

  2. how is Mitsubishi Fuel consumption?

  3. c'mon, dmax is all under power!!! even a 3.o dmax cant compete with a 2.5 triton!!!! wtf of having a 4x4 thats under power?... fuel consumption? lol... me completed 1856km with two full tank from johore-mersing-kuantan-trengganu-gua musang-cameron highland then back to johore during my septemper holiday! my triton gave me the power i want and the fc too!!!!

  4. I sell mitsubishi fo jb bp... any 1 buy this cay plz call me 016-7352796

  5. November 8, 2010 2:02 AM .. frien ur car is auto or manual trans...

  6. dato sean 016 3408479January 14, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    hey mr dmax..... i pity u to be owner of this lausy machine...dmax is real under power junk 4x4...same as hilux .....triton is the only pickup withh sporty n stylist design both interior and exterior. U r f**king crook when u say back seat of triton is not comfortable.. bullshit.... i compare all pickups(hilux, dmax, navara, frontier, ford, mazda, new kia, ssangyong, triton) n find out that the only pick up that offers u the sedan like comfort is triton or even better.back seat of trition is slanting like sedan car and it comes with arm rest. fuel consumption goes as low as 7liter/100km... when u drive below 80kmj. below 110 it is around 8L/100kmj. both dmax n hilux is real bitchy pickups thats y they ll make u fork out your money for fuel n other maintainance often..... i can say all this is because my cloce fren owns 3.0 dmax n my father in law owns hilux 3.0.....both pickups can never over take me inn trition in any kind of situation. above is my contact number.. call me to get fucked more...anyway i like navara bcoz of the engin power... cool but not as comfort as triton

  7. I've triton 2.5 auto and never regret till today, it is a strong pickup,and never let me down even in harsh terrain like kalabakan in sabah and ba kalalan in sarawak. it is not a woman city 4x4 la...

  8. yes i own dmax... haiya f**k la too under power, want to sell no buyer nor value... damn.

  9. horsepower / torque
    Dmax: 113 / 280
    Ford/Mazda: 121 / 262
    Triton: 134 / 314
    Hilux: 102 / 260

    correct me if i m wrong...

  10. im not mistake buying triton,,:)next week i will delivery my carr..triton 2.5 colour..

  11. honestly which one is better for off road n on road..??? hilux 2.5 (mt) or triton 2.5(mt)????

  12. my idea: 1.if u wana better fuel efficiency and travel long jurney in ur daily work with minimum load go for d-max
    2. if u wana extreme power, heavyduty load, offroad and short jurney and nevermind of the fuel efficency than go for triton.
    3.hilux is in middle.
    4. the most powerfull engine is come from nissan mother trucker 174hp navara with biggest loadbed behind and biggest in overall size.

    actualy u must think which is ur main target and how do u wana use it. diffrent people diffrent useage. the current price is almost same, so all is good. choose smart. from puvan

  13. i think i choose the right 1. triton 2.5 at. white colour. 2day cum out 4m showroom. really happy 2 having dat extreme machine... rajrazor

  14. triton is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I went for the Triton Oct 2010 for the following reasons-
    1)4 star NCAP rating, no other pickup came close.
    2)Good Elk test results compared to Hilux.
    3) comfy rear seats compared to Navarra
    4)Low NVH on the go.
    5)Reasonable FC 11km/L city hiway combined
    6) easy to park. If a Camry can park, so can I
    Only thing missing is ESP. I wish it has it

  16. corparate really does suck...nothing to thinking.just thinking how to die?

  17. How's looking for a 2nd hand Triton 2.5(A) 2009?
    I have one to let go..pls contact me at 012 624 4260

  18. search at for used property/car

  19. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the info and sharing!

    Let me share my personal experience. BTW, i just received my Triton 2.5 Auto, loving it. This is my third car, after selling my myvi and D-max.

    I spent 6 months researching and test driving all the pick up trucks available in Malaysia.

    Test drove the Navara, Hilux, D-max, Ranger, Fighter, and Frontier. Others include the Pajero sport, Toyota Ninja..

    All are good trucks, each with its own set of strengths and problems. I'm still irritated by some folks who claim Hilux is rock solid. Just because Clarkson did a crazy test on it and survived almost never necessarily will be the same to you. All these trucks will have problems after years of usage, so it depends how u maintain it, and how u drive it.

    The issue is how it fits you, your expectations, your lifestyle and needs. Paper specifications are good indicators but never a deal breaker. Take my advice, TEST DRIVE all of them!!! Then decide, becoz you will be paying it for a long long time.


    Navara: Pure power, if that's what you want. Excellent NVH. Max 500 to 600 km per full tank, for a 80 ltr tank, not economical.
    Oil change every 5000km. It's a big truck but back seats are still straight.

    D-max: No nonsense, solid and refined engine. 3ltr is good and can go from 8-900 km for mix driving, more if on a highway. Oil change every 10,000km. Practical and cheap to maintain.

    Hilux: Toyota name, strong branding and strong perceived reliability, although not always true. Costs the same as trucks that are MUCH more powerful, only at 102 HP and 260nm tq. It's not underpowered, just enough and can be driven at fast speeds. Different parts of the plastics in the car has different tone of grey, so, it does look cheapish, not usually mentioned by reviewers. Overrated, but what is a Lee jeans compared to a Levi's jeans?? Branding is power.

    Triton: Good power, not mind blowing, nor lousy nor mediocre. Great space, and headroom. Handling? See how Matsuoka handles it during the rally demo by Mitsubishi. Not that u can do the same, but the word is potential. Oil change every 10,000km. Can go up to 7-800km per full tank of 75ltrs, second after triton. Price the same with the ones above, and comes with an RV meter (none of the above comes with it), dual airbags, abs, ebd (the rest has it too). Value for money, dont u think? Just like isuzu, i dont have to book few days in advance like a Toyota!

    Ranger: The truck that started the trend of buying pick ups. All of the above, but the lack of rear seat space simply tells u that it's a strong workhorse DNA.

    Hope this helps in your choice and purchase.


  20. I'm a Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 user. The vehicle is good and powerful but the service centre in Muar is like SHIT. Please take note to employ a more experience mechanic to rectify problems.I have send my car to rectify the air bag , four wheel drive and engine symbol light
    appear on the panel , the problem is they could not give me a answer to the problems and was told to send to Batu Pahat service centre to rectify .Does Muar service centre do not have the software or whatever it is to rectify? Then , what is that service centre for???

  21. im getting a triton 2.5 auto... im 6"2" and the only car tat gives me enough leg room is triton.. screw hilux... its just the name tat sells...

    overall triton is the best value for money... comes from standard 2.5 to 3.2l version.. many to choose from to fit ur pocket...


  22. i'm going to buy one triton lite but i dont know it value or not? actually i prefer triton full spec more value isn't .?

  23. looking for 07,08 triton for it very much...


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