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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Proton has denied maintenance cost of Proton Perdana V6 is high

Proton has hotly denied claims that the cost of maintaining its Perdana model is high and reiterated that the fee charged is reasonable.
According to the statement, each regular service was normally in the RM200 range. This included oil filter and labour but excluded parts and components, mechanical failure and collision repairs.

It added that the typical mileage for a car under normal usage was between 20,000km and 30,000km per year,
“During this mileage period, the average total maintenance cost of a Perdana V6 is estimated to be about RM2,300, based on records collated from authorised service dealers and branches,” it said.

Source: Proton: Maintenance cost of Perdana V6 not high - The Star Online (2008-12-17)

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