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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Comments on Hyundai Sonata EF

If you are interested on getting a 2nd hand Hyundai Sonata EF, below are the comments from owners of Sonata which may help you clear some of your queries.

1) Buying a Sonata 2.0 (year 2002/2003) - Autoworld
2) 2nd hand Sonata - Autoworld
3) fuel cost of Soanta 2.0 EF 2003 - Autoworld
4) Sonata 2002 - Autoworld


  1. Its great information for Hyndai Sonata EF fans.. Better information that we can know about.

  2. nice posting....i like it...lot of information here


  3. Hi Bathmate,

    If you came across any good website regarding Sonata EF, you are welcome to share the link here so that all of us can benefit.

  4. I am planning to own a hyundai car but i am confused what model should i own am looking for a fuel efficient car which will give some good mileage


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