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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Toyota Camry 2009 (facelift)

On-The-Road Price:
RM 144,990 - Toyota Camry 2.0E
RM 154,990 - Toyota Camry 2.0G
RM 174,990 - Toyota Camry 2.4V
* Prices are on-the-road with insurance and road tax.

Camry 2009 Exterior:

2009 Camry Interior:

Camry 2009 colours:


  1. Just got my new facelift camry today. Took it for a ride after delivery around 100km done. So far so good. I was considering either the Accord latest VTI-L model or the facelifted Camry and end up choosing the latter.

    I like Accord exterior looks actually but I prefer Camry Interior. It was a difficult choice but end of the day, Camry prevails.

  2. I think in terms of ride comfort and NVH, Camry still better than Accord.

  3. No offence to Accord owners but I've test driven both Camry and Accord and indeed in terms of ride comfort, Camry is better. Actually, the best suited car for me is the combination of both with Accord Exterior looks and color (I like Accord Polished metal color,Camry colors are quite Boring),combined with Camry Interior. That will be the perfect car for me :)

  4. Camry Facelift is still the best ever car compare to Accord. No offense, i heard accord has a lot of problem including wind noise.
    For Performance Driven Car, i think Accord is the best, however Camry (Toyota) is well known as comfort driven car.
    What a lovely experience having new camry facelift. The time will come!!!

  5. Performance vs Comfort. I think most people will choose comfort. Somemore, Camry's performance is not far far away from Accord. It's just a little bit difference, i guess. How many of us will really use the executive sedan for racing.

  6. Just got my Camry Facelift 2.4V about a week ago. Very comfortable. Great handling. However, haven't go more than 65km/h yet since the mileage not up to 1000km. So, I think my comment on the fast ride will up later... :) (Got it cheap in Labuan since no tax... :)


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