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Friday, May 21, 2010

Toyota Vios 2010 Facelift in Malaysia

Toyota Vios new radiator grill

Toyota Vios new rear lamp

Toyota Vios leather seat

Toyota Vios rear flat floor

Toyota Vios new steering wheel

Toyota Vios stylish leather wrapped, flat bottm steering wheel.

Toyota Vios audio system with steering audio switch

Toyota Vios 6-speakers audio system with Auto Sound Leveling (ASL)

Toyota Vios audio system comes with Tuner and MP3/WMA capable CD Player. The audio system will auto increase volume when speed of the car increases.

Toyota Vios chrome finesed parking brake knob.

New 15" alloy rims

Toyota Vios Colour

Toyota Vios White

Toyota Vios Silver Metallic

Toyota Vios Medium Silver Metallic

Toyota Vios Grey Mica Metallic

Toyota Vios Coal Black


  1. i love the chrome surround of the gear lever. . .

  2. what a piece of crap

  3. malaysian car too expensive we pay both tax sales +exise duty.


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